Step 1

Digital download

The first step is to run the FillPerfect form filler set up file. The file name is fillperfectsetup (followed by the version) and will be in the folder you chose when you downloaded it. Note, if you can not remember where you downloaded the file, you can use the windows search tool located in the start menu on the bottom left of your screen.



Insert the CD into the computer. The installation should start immediately. If nothing happens then manually select FillPerfectsetup.exe from the CD drive folder.

Step 2

After clicking on the FillPerfectsetup.exe file, the Windows installer program will start the setup wizard which will guide you through the installation. To continue the installation, press Next in the bottom right corner. You will be asked where to install FillPerfect on your computer.

Step 3

Now decide where you want the actual program to be installed. We recommend that you use the default folder. Advanced users may decide to create their own folder and location. Click Next in the bottom right corner to continue.

Note - If you select to install FillPerfect just for me it will prevent other people, who use the computer, from using or seeing FillPerfect when they open Internet Explorer.

Step 4

After confirming the installation FillPerfect will start installing the necessary files into the selected folder. After the files are transferred onto your computer the setup wizard will notify you that the installation is complete.

Once the installation is complete you are ready to start using FillPerfect form filler. Note, if you have Internet Explorer running you will need to exit and restart it before FillPerfect will show up in the toolbar.

Step 5

Start using FillPerfect form filler to apply for jobs with ease. The first thing you will need to do is to enter your information by clicking Configure in the FIllPerfect form filler toolbar. Once entered, click AutoFill on the toolbar to instantly fill in online forms and employment applications. Thanks for using FillPerfect.


If you load Internet Explorer and don't see the tool bar make sure FillPerfect is selected under the toolbar options under the view menu on Internet Explorer.