Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Take a minute to look at our list of frequently asked questions. At 2424 software we really care about our cutomers. Thats why we created a comprehensive list of questions and detailed answers. However if you still have a problem please feel free to contact us.

What operating systems and Internet browsers does FillPerfect support?
FillPerfect works on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

FillPerfect works with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or later.
Does FillPerfect come with a money-back guarantee?
Yes. FillPerfect comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with it for any reason, let us know and we will promptly refund your entire cost.
How does FillPerfect help me track the jobs that I have applied to?

When you submit a job application, you can use the FillPerfect logging feature to record information about that application. Just click the Log button in the toolbar, and then Add a Log Entry. A form will be displayed with some of the information already filled in. Fill in whatever information you would like to record about that application and then click the Add button.

When you want to review your applications or find contact information, just click the Log button and then View Log Entries. From the View Log Entries form, you can select which log entries to display, by status and by date, you can sort the log entries however you like, and you can edit the log entries, for example, to add notes from a follow-up phone call.

Can I create different job descriptions tailored for different positions?

Yes, you just create different profiles for each different type of position that you want to apply for.

To create a new profile, click Configure in the FillPerfect toolbar to open the Configure screen.  After your first profile is completed, click the Create New Profile button at the bottom left of the Configure screen.  You will be given the choice of copying the current profile to the new profile, and starting with an empty profile.  Typically, you will want to copy the current profile so that you will not need to re-enter basic information such as your home address.  Then, edit your job information, resume, and other data for the new profile.  Create a name for the new profile and enter it into the Profile Name input box, and then click Close. 

Before clicking AutoFill to fill out a form, be sure to select the correct profile in the FillPerfect toolbar.

What is the FillPerfect Slider Sidebar and how do I use it?

The FillPerfect Slider Sidebar puts all of your information at your fingertips.

To open the sidebar, click Slider in the FillPerfect toolbar. Related items are grouped together. Click on a plus (+) sign to expand a category and click on a minus (-) sign to collapse a category. To retrieve information, just click, hold, and drag the item of interest to where you want it.

You can drag fields to anywhere on your desktop, not just to fields on web pages. For example, you could drag a job description into a field open in another web browser or into a word processing or text document.

I just installed FillPerfect but it does not show up in Internet Explorer.  How do I fix this?

The most common reason that FillPerfect doesn’t appear in Internet Explorer is that the tool bar is disabled, or all third-party add-ons are disabled. If Internet Explorer was running when you installed FillPerfect, please close it down fully, and then restart it.

To enable the FillPerfect toolbar from Internet Explorer, start Internet Explorer and click on View in the menu bar, and then click Toolbars. FillPerfect should be listed as one of the installed toolbars. Click on "FillPerfect Toolbar" to enable it.

If that does not work, verify that third-party add-ons are enabled as follows. In Internet Explorer, click on Tools and then Internet Options. Next click on the Advanced tab. In the Settings windows, scroll down to the Browsing section and look for "Enable third-party browser extensions". Check that item if it is not checked and then click OK.

What is a zip file?

A zip file is a type of file that has been compressed so that it's file size is smaller. All FillPerfect downloadable files a zipped for your convenience for faster downloads.

How do I open a zip file?

On Windows 7, just right click on any zip file and select Extract All to unzip the file. On older operating systems, Zip files can be decompressed or unzipped using a third party program. If your version of Windows does not support zip files then you must download a program to handle zip files. There are several free zip programs to choose from on

How do I set up my personal information for FillPerfect to use?
On the FillPerfect toolbar in Internet Explorer, click the Configure button.  Enter your information into each tab page and click Close when finished.  You only need to enter the fields for the data that you want FillPerfect to fill in for you.  For example, you might want to leave password blank if you want to create a custom password each time one is needed.  You can give customize the name of your profile by typing in your own description into the Profile Name input field near the top of the Configure screen.
FillPerfect isn't filling in ANYTHING! What's wrong?

This is usually caused by your Internet Explorer settings. In Internet Explorer, click Tools / Internet Options, and then click the “Security” tab. Find the checkbox labeled “Enable Protected Mode”. That box must be unchecked for FillPerfect to be able to access your online forms in order to fill them in. So, if it is checked, click it to uncheck it, click Apply, and then restart Internet Explorer.

If the problem remains, go back to that same window and select “Default Level”, click the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox if it is checked to uncheck it, click Apply, and restart Internet Explorer. If the problem still happens, please contact FillPerfect technical support.

I entered my information into FillPerfect but now it is gone. What happened?

FillPerfect does not contain any viruses and works well with leading anti-virus programs such as McAfee and Norton. However, some "PC optimizer", "security protector", and "anti-virus" programs can delete files from your computer that should not be deleted. If you have such a program installed, you may need to configure it to not delete "FillPerfect.fdb" which is the file where FillPerfect stores your information.

In the FillPerfect Configuration screens, can I get more information about what information is needed for certain fields?
Yes. After clicking Configure on the FillPerfect toolbar, you can click the help box, "?", at the top right of the Configure screen.  Then move the mouse and click on the field that you want more information on.  If more information is available, a pop-up text box will be displayed.  Click anywhere else on the Configure screen to remove the help box.
Can I delete a specific job or school without deleting the entire profile?
Yes.  Click Configure in the FillPerfect toolbar and then click the Employment or Education tab.  To delete a specific employer or school, right-click the mouse on the tab page for the employer or school to be deleted.  You will be given the choice of clearing the data for that employer or school, or completing deleting it from the list.
The FillPerfect toolbar is not visible for an online application I want to complete.   How do I use FillPerfect in this situation?
A few companies sometimes have applications that hide all toolbars.   If you encounter such a website, you may be able to re-enable the FillPerfect toolbar by right clicking at an empty area in the topmost margin of Internet Explorer, just below the top edge of the Internet Explorer window.   A menu will pop-up, unless the company has also disabled that.  One menu item will be "FillPerfect Toolbar".   Just click on that item to check and enable it.   If the "Lock The Toolbars" entry is checked, you will need to first uncheck that item.  You will also see other items in that pop-up menu that you can select or de-select as you wish.
Can I reset my personal and professional references?
Yes.  Click Configure in the FillPerfect toolbar and then click the References tab.  Right-click the mouse on any empty area on the References screen to display a menu with options for erasing any or all of your references.
How can I tell which fields FillPerfect was not able to fill in automatically for me?

Some fields on a form may not be supported or understood by FillPerfect.  Also, if you have choosen to fill certain data in yourself, by not entering that information into your FillPerfect profile, then those fields will also be skipped by FillPerfect's AutoFill operation.  In both cases, the skipped fields are highlighted in Yellow.  Occasionally, highly customized controls on a form may prevent FillPerfect from hightlighting an unsupported field.

How can I tell FillPerfect to always fill in my forms?
The AutoFill button in the FillPefect toolbar contains a checkbox.  Click that checkbox to toggle the AutoFill Lock state.  When the box is checked, AutoFill is locked on, so that forms are automatically filled in when they are loaded.  FillPerfect's Undo button works even in the AutoFill Lock mode, allowing you to instantly undo any autofill operation.
What does the Blue Plus Sign in the FillPerfect toolbar do?
This button adds the currently viewed web site to FillPerfect's list of Quick Access web sites, available in the pull down list immediately to the left of the Blue Plus Sign.  This is similar to Internet Explorer's Favorites list, but is easier to use because the name is extracted automatically from the website domain name.  Quck Acess web sites are listed in alphabetical order in the Quick Acess pull down list.
What languages does FillPerfect support?
At this time, FillPerfect supports only English forms and has been tested only in English versions of the various Windows operating systems.
How does FillPerfect protect my personal information?

All personal data that you enter into FillPerfect is stored locally on your computer and no where else.  In addition, FillPerfect automatically encrypts your password, your social security number, your credit card number, and your driver license number.

When FillPerfect fills in fields on a form, no personal data is sent to the Internet. FillPerfect does not cause your personal data to leave your computer.  Only after you have reviewed the information filled into the form and pressed the submit button does the information actually get sent over the internet.

Does FillPerfect monitor or track the web sites that I visit?

FillPerfect is not spyware and does not contain any spyware. FillPerfect does not automatically track or monitor the web sites that you visit and it does not send any information about you or about the web sites that you visit to 2424 Software computers or to any other computer.

With the FillPerfect Logger, you can keep a log record, contact information, and notes about applications that you have submitted. The log, which is stored on your computer, provides an audit log of your job hunting activities and is a great tool for doing follow-up.

Does FillPefect require a product key?

The free trial version of FillPerfect does not require any type of product key.

Once the free trial has expired, a product activation code is required to continue using FillPerfect. Your product activation code will be emailed to you a few minutes after purchasing FillPerfect. The first time that you use FillPerfect's AutoFill feature, you will be prompted for your product activation code. License activation does not send any personally identifying information to the license server.

If I click AutoFill and then change my mind, can I undo the changes that FillPerfect has made to the form?
Yes.  After auto-filling a form, you can click Undo in the FillPerfect toolbar to revert to the original form values.

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