Step 1. Access the configuration panel.

After installation FillPerfect form filler will automatically load when you open Internet Explorer. From there you will need to configure FillPerfect form filler with your information. First, start the process by clicking the Configure Button which is highlighted on the screen to the right. This will take you to the screen below where you will enter your personal information.

Note, if you do not see the FillPerfect tool bar go to the view menu on Internet Explorer. Then, select toolbars and make sure that FillPerfect has been activated.

Step 2. Enter your information.

Once the configuration screen is opened you will need to put in your personal information. By default you start on the basic information screen. For example, this is where you enter your basic information like name and address. From there continue through the tabs, entering as much or as little information as you like. You can come back to the configuration screen at anytime and add or change any of the information. For example, if you move, just enter your new address and FillPerfect will handle the rest.

Step 3. Add your resume and cover letter.

In addition to filling out your applications instantly online, FillPerfect form filler can insert your resume and cover letter into applications. Just cut and paste your resume or cover letter under the corresponding tabs and you're done. The next time you apply for a job FillPerfect form filler will also automatically fill in your resume and cover letter.

Step 4. Using the job search resources

In addition to filling out applications, FillPerfect form filler provides additional resources. From inside the configuration panel there is a category called FillPerfect form filler options. In this section you can select job boards and other job search resources that will appear in the Quick-Access URL list in the FillPerfect form filler toolbar (next to the blue plus sign). This is just another way that FillPerfect form filler makes finding a job quicker and easier.