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About the Affiliate Program

FillPerfect is an indispensable job hunting tool that provides real and significant value to customers. Customers will remember your website simply because that is where they found FillPerfect! Management of the affiliate program - and of you commissions - is handled by, a leading provider of online affiliate programs.


High Conversions

Our customers rave about FillPerfect and our support service. Historically, we have had a return rate of under 10% and strive to have 100% satisfied customers. Our customer service agents are standing by to answer questions, process orders, and quickly resolve technical issues.


High Payouts and Easy Transactions

FillPerfect sales generate an impressive 50% commission. All major forms of payment are accepted including PayPal, and our integrated shopping cart makes purchases and check-out a snap. In addition to the high commission, FillPerfect fills an important and large market need with no comparable competitors. There are other form fillers, but only FillPerfect is designed specifically for job hunters and only FillPerfect can handle complicated job applications.


How Much Will You Make?

The FillPerfect affiliate program offers outstanding commissions on each and every sale. If the customer doesn't purchase on the first visit, ClickBank's sales tracking cookies stay active for up to 90 days, making sure affiliate commissions are made.


Run the numbers: You make $15.66 on each sale after ClickBank fees.

Sales Per Day Monthly Income Yearly Income
 1 $  470 $  5,638
 5 $2,349 $ 28,188
10 $4,698 $ 56,376
20 $9,396 $112,752


Who Pays You?

ClickBank does. is one of the most trusted affiliate programs in the industry. They have competitive rates and have a low payout threshold. For more information on how they pay and when they pay affiliates, click here. Just sign up as an affiliate on and then select FillPerfect as the product you want to include in your portfolio. Ads and HTML code are all available through ClickBank; just update your website using the information provided by ClickBank and start making money today!